Production manager – Floor manager Vertical Farming



Are you a People Manager who realizes excellent productions with a team? Do you have an open mind, get the best out of ‘your’ production employees and management? And do you have a special interest in technology? Then come and meet us! We would like to get to know you, tell you about the growth of our vertical farm activities and show you around. To triple our production in the near future, we are looking for an enthusiastic

Production manager – Floor manager Vertical Farming

Leadership – assessing situations – making decisions – data analysis and projects: improving results together.

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The situation:

We distinguish four activities on which labour is deployed:

1) sowing our herbs and leafy crops
2) harvesting the herbs (cutting herbs, stems, and leaves from the plant)
3) packing/preparing for delivery and
4) emptying and refilling our tables with growing medium.

You directly supervise three cooperating supervisors who are responsible for the four activities mentioned. Every day there are between 20 and 30 workers who take care of all the work under the supervision of the supervisors.

You will work with Joris and Katerina. Joris is responsible for production, cultivation and technology, Katerina is responsible for R&D: developing recipes and quality.

You report to Gio. Gio has now led the production team for 3.5 years. The growth in activities and in the organization means that more time and attention from Gio is required for plan development, project management and coordination with the owners. With all his experience in fresh produce, logistics, production, and people management, you have a fantastic manager in Gio with whom you can brainstorm and coach you in your further development and growth!

Your work:

In the coming months you will get to know the production activities, the processes, the employees and all the technology. You quickly give meaning to your role as a production manager, you spend a lot of time ‘on the floor’, between the employees and the processes. Sabina, Patrycja and Everildo (your supervisors) know what to do themselves, for some more complicated situations they contact you to provide sounding boards or when a decision simply has to be made. You lead the production meetings, you analyse production data and based on this you make proposals for improvement of processes. You take initiatives for process innovation with technology, by simplifying working methods, routing or wherever you see opportunities for improving results.

Preparations for expanding production are now underway, and you will also get your share in that. Investments in technology, robots, production facilities, layout, routing and expanding and building ‘your team’ of management and production employees.

Your points of attention at a glance:

  • Realizing the daily productions so that the Future Crops customers are supplied properly and on time;
  • Paying attention to the teams, the production teams through/with your supervisors;
  • Regular coordination with Joris and Katerina for day-to-day business;
  • Analysing data to achieve process optimization, we expect initiatives from you!
  • Busy with everything (and certainly with technology) with a view to expanding production capacity.



Do you have the CDP factor?

Your colleagues are part of Team Future Crops because there is a committed and driven vibe.

Commercially growing herbs in a vertical farm: is new, an adventure and at the same time it is for the real thing. We do things that we really should not. And yet we get it done together! We are looking for a production manager who is Committed and Driven and who brings the People factor to the proper execution of the production capacity and to allow it to function optimally afterwards.

What else do we expect from you:

  • Experience in managing/running fresh production activities;
  • Technical insight, preferably experience in the proper functioning of a highly automated production organization;
  • Knowledge and experience regarding the application of production indicators and the analysis thereof;
  • Experience in coaching, making production employees and their executives smarter and better;
  • Interest in high-quality clean food production activities, in vertical farming.



The offer:

  • A solid challenging People-production management position in fresh food production with a lot of technology;
  • A fantastic team of intrinsically motivated colleagues around you as specialist managers you work with, and your supervisors are motivated to the core;
  • A position of responsibility in the business structure of the future, ahead of the time together;
  • Good salary, holidays, holiday pay and a pension scheme;
  • A challenging position that demands a lot from you, both in terms of content and regularly during working hours.


Working at Future Crops:

We are proud that we put the innovative, sustainable, and healthy production method vertical farming into practice. Together we are shaping a globally important production method for the future.

What we do, who all make their contribution and commitment here, the multinational composition of our team, the commitment and passion you feel: these are special, every day.

So is the way we work together. With an open mind, everyone’s input is appreciated, everyone is sharp, we have frequent discussions, always looking for ways things can go better, where things can be improved or should be improved. Inspiring, that is the correct interpretation: being part of Team Future Crops is inspiring!